NinjaTrader DOM with SuperDOM Series Columns and Limit Order Visualizer. Best solution for Orderflow Analysis.
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→ Expand your SuperDOM with the SuperDOM Series

→ Dive into market depth with the Limit Order Visualizer

→ Gauge the Speed of Trades with OrderFlow Speed

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Improving Real-Time Contextual Decision Making with Orderflow Analysis


QST Superior Bundle Pack

$540.00 $399.00

Get 4 the Add-ons from QuantSpark Technology as a bundle and save another 25% instead of buying the Add-ons individually!


QST Super Bundle Pack

$430.00 $319.00

Get 3 Orderflow indicators from QuantSpark Technology as a bundle and save another 25% instead of buying the Add-ons individually!


SuperDOM Series

$260.00 $169.00

Four highly customizable and powerful columns for your NinjaTrader® SuperDOM. Apply a wide variety of filters. Get alerted on important events. Combine with currently compatible SuperDOM indicators to create your ultimate DOM.


Limit Order Visualizer

$249.00 $159.00

View in real-time the Orderbook, executed trades, limit orders, and the bid and ask spread. Change the settings without refreshing your chart. Add your favorite indicators to chart. Limit Order Visualizer is compatible with Market Replay, thus you can review Orderbook action on your charts!



$159.00 $109.00

The VWAP Pack includes Intraday VWAP with current and previous levels, Price to VWAP indicator to output the position of Price and a Market Analyser Template!

The VWAP Pack is an excellent companion to all other QuantSpark Technology add-ons. It’s compatible with NinjaTrader’s SuperDOM, meaning that you can use it in conjunction with SuperDOM Series to speedily spot the action near or at the VWAP.

With Price to VWAP indicator is easy to monitor the position of price in relation to the current VWAP, allowing you not only to monitor the VWAP on your chart but also in Market Analyser. This gives you the possibility to overview multiple instruments at the same time.

VWAP Pack also ships with a Market Analyser Template so that you don’t waste any time configuring Market Analyser column.


OrderFlow Speed

$149.00 $99.00

Deceptively simple the Orderflow Speed allows you to monitor market speed and enables you to view trading activity right in your chart. OrderFlow Speed has three modes: Total Speed, Buying Speed, Selling Speed and Delta Speed. It supports Tick Replay feature so that you can visualize historical trading activity.


Developing with the best practice code standards to bring you professional quality Ninja scripts

NinjaScript Conversions

NinjaScript Conversions

Want to convert your NinjaTrader® 7 Indicator or Strategy to NinjaTrader® 8?

Custom NinjaTrader Scripts and custom indicators

Custom NinjaTrader® Scripts

Sparked an idea for an indicator or strategy? Want to implement it in your trading? Need to integrate multiple scripts into one?

Custom NinjaTrader® 8 Add-ons

Want to create your own envisioned Add-On for NinjaTrader® 8?

Data Analysis and Visualization for Ninjatrader

Data Analysis and Visualization

Want to analyze data and reports from market generated information? Get insights from statistics?

Bull Market

We Create your solutions and craft your ideas!

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What they say:

I really like how the SuperDOM Series integrates with NinjaTrader. I have multiple tabs open and use the alerts to move around them.
William, United States
SuperDOM Series
It's excellent that I have multiple filters and multiple columns. No distraction, I can simply look at different columns with different information.
Eric, United States
SuperDOM Series
I worked with QuantSpark Technology to have some conversions done from NT7 and to implement a strategy. Enjoyed working together, professional during all development.
Marlis, Germany
Consulting Services
Bought the Limit Order Visualizer because I wanted to have my own set of indicators on chart. Looks awesome and I can turn on and off when I want.
Marcus, UK
Limit Order Visualizer