Limit Orders Visualizer Overview

While developing the Limit Order Visualizer, the main priority was to simplify. Our aim was to create a product that was intuitive to use with the massive amount of information that is available when dealing with level 2 data. So we created what we believe is a simple yet sophisticated way of viewing this information.

We created three types of Calculation Modes:

Manual Mode – Allows you input a value that will determine the maximum that you are expected to see.

Session Mode – Allows you to have the information of the session as a reference. This applies to both the Executed Orders and Limit Orders features. This way you can see within the latest what was the largest limit order and what was the biggest executed order. This provides session context.

Chart Mode – With Chart Mode selected you set the range of information that you want to make relative. You can make the Limit Order Visualizer relative to the chart range you determine. This allows you to inspect certain moments in time with more detail. Its like slicing your chart into periods and see the limit orders and executed trades from that slice relative to each other.


It’s also important to mention that all the settings of Limit Order Visualizer can be set in real time, thus, you don’t loose information and can easily adjust to changes in the market. 

With Limit Order Visualizer you can rapidly integrate level 2 information in your chart, while keeping other indicators on the chart as well.