SuperDom Series Overview

The SuperDOM Series came to us as part an innovation effort, part to explore the new features allowed in NinjaTrader® 8, part the desire to create a product that allows users to freely customize and analyze the DOM.

Each of the columns as been crafted to allow to put the trader in the front row when observersing and making trades with the SuperDOM.

From analysing volume nodes intuitively with transparency and being able to display percentages to having multiple value areas for buyers and sellers and applying a wide range of size filters the volume column lets you see different aspects of the traded volume. 

The Depth column lets you see what side of the orderbook is heavier at a glance, by arranging the width of the bar to Whole Book this is even more clear. Get alerts whenever a big update occurs in orderbook and display valuable statistics the Depth Column this features help you see the rapid orderflow movements that take place.

Get insights to which price levels are battle fronts and have heavy participation with the Trades Column. Cleary see, filter and set alerts with the Trades Column. 

Watch the order prints flow by with your prefered filter size with the Time and Sales column. With the Time and Sales you have the option to reconstruct the trades, allowing for a easier read of the orderflow. 

All this columns have the possibility to be multiplied, having each one with different settings creating a what is in fact a SuperDOM, a personal DOM dashboard for order entry and analyzes.


This suite of products constitutes a define effort in DOM customization and flexibility for the trader.