Limit Order Visualizer

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View in real-time the Orderbook, executed trades, limit orders, and the bid and ask spread. Change the settings without refreshing your chart. Add your favorite indicators to chart. Limit Order Visualizer is compatible with Market Replay, thus you can review Orderbook action on your charts!

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Limit Order Visualizer (LOV) is the most sophisticated tool to analyze the Orderflow within NinjaTrader® Chart. Most noteworthy it allows you to view level 2 Market Depth in realtime and historically (whilst the indicator is running) while being able to change the setting in real-time. Thus, you can spot changes in the depth of market that influence market participants and price. By using the native NinjaTrader® Chart you can add your favorite indicators to the chart an analyze how the limit orders behave at your price levels. Limit Order Visualizer integrates into your chart so it adds a layer of information to your chart.

Spot massive orders entering the market and removed in real-time.

It allows to display and make changes on the fly depending on what you perceive are the circumstances to analyze:
Orderbook on the right side of the chart;
Executed orders and their relative size to each other depending on what visualization mode you prefer;
Limit orders with a transparency setting that allows you to view only above a specified value;
Limit Order Visualizer can help you clearly see what are the intentions of market participants.

8 reviews for Limit Order Visualizer

  1. Bagrov (verified owner)

    Actually this helps me

  2. Zach Hawkins (verified owner)

    Very professional built. I would recomend to anyone.

  3. Mike Brooks (verified owner)

    No regret in buying this i use 68 percentil to show me the sessions big orders. I place my take profits there. Very usefull for me.

  4. Sam (verified owner)

    Good upgrade from the standart NTs depth indicator

  5. Mauro Esposito (verified owner)

    Buon prezzo per un buon indicatore

  6. Wilson (verified owner)

    Reliable support. Thank you for the quick skype tour of the options, looking forward for the new versions.

  7. Gary (verified owner)

    Like I said I’m using my own indicators with this indicator and see areas of confluence between them. Good stuff!

  8. Tim (verified owner)

    Good Add-on, good options.

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Version 2 (27.02.2019)

-Performance Improvements -Added Visual Options Section - You can now customize all colors to your choice

Version 1.2 (29.01.2019)

-Fixes in OnRender code -Fixes on Tab and Window duplication -Added possibility to limit the number of levels "Max Levels to watch" for Data providers that supply historical depth.

Version 1.1 (04.12.2018)

-Compatibility fixes with NinjaTrader version

Version 1.0 (12.08.2018)

-Initial Release

Dive into MArket Depth

View Market Depth activity and significant limit orders!
Change the settings in real-time without losing information. Adaptable to current session and chart view.


Allows you to view the orderbook on the chart in real-time

U.S. Treasury Bond Futures Trades OrderBook


Display or hide the Real-Time OrderBook.


Set the number of levels of the OrderBook To Display.


Set the maximum Width in pixels for the OrderBook.

Executed Orders

Allows you to view the executed orders with multiple possible settings

U.S. Treasury Bond Futures Trades


Display or Hide the Executed Orders.


Set the maximum size for the Executed Orders circles.


Set the transparency for the Executed Orders circles.


Choose between Manual, Session or Chart mode to make the size relative to your choice.


In manual mode set the maximum value to which all other volume will be relative to.

Limit Orders

Allows you to view the movement of limit orders real-time and historically.

Euro FX Futures Quotes One Tick Chart big. Limit Orders, market liquidity, market Depth, Orderflow analysis NinjaTrader Chart


Display or Hide Limit Orders.


Display or Hide Limit Orders borders. Choose the setting to your visual preference.


Choose the percentile at which orders will be displayed.


Toggle between Manual, Session or Chart. This setting allows to determine the what is the point of reference for your visualization.


When in manual mode this setting allows to set the maximum value.

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