QST Super Bundle Pack

367.00 275.25

Get all the Add-ons from QuantSpark Technology as a bundle and save another 25% instead of buying the Add-ons individually!


OrderFlow Speed

129.00 79.00

Deceptively simple the Orderflow Speed allows you to monitor market speed and enables you to view trading activity right in your chart. OrderFlow Speed has three modes: Total Speed, Buying Speed, Selling Speed and Delta Speed. It supports Tick Replay feature so that you can visualize historical trading activity.


Limit Order Visualizer

220.00 139.00

View in real-time the Orderbook, executed trades, limit orders, and the bid and ask spread. Change the settings without refreshing your chart. Add your favorite indicators to chart. Limit Order Visualizer is compatible with Market Replay, thus you can review Orderbook action on your charts!


SuperDOM Series

220.00 149.00

Four highly customizable and powerful columns for your NinjaTrader® SuperDOM. Apply a wide variety of filters. Get alerted on important events. Combine with currently compatible SuperDOM indicators to create your ultimate DOM.